The 10 Best Data Visualizations of 2022

Awesome visualizations on the Ukraine War, Inflation, and more!

Terence Shin, MSc, MBA


Image by svstudioart on Freepik

Last year I shared what I thought were ten of the best data visualizations from 2021. I’m back again with ten of the best data visualizations from 2022!

Similar to last year, I wanted to share a variety of types of data visualizations, and also ones that were relevant to particular events that happened this year.

Let’s dive into it!

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1. NATO vs Russia

One of the biggest events this year was the war between Russia and Ukraine. Comforting or not, the infographic above shows the difference in military power between NATO and Russia. The actual data can be found here.

I love this infographic, it’s many pictographs combined into one, it’s clean, and it’s very clear what message it’s trying to convey.

NATO out-powers Russia in every aspect other than Nuclear Weapons… I wonder how this would change if Russia’s budget towards nuclear weapons went to other things 🤔.

2. Inflation and the cost of everyday items

One of the consequences of the war between Russia and Ukraine is inflation. If you click on the visualization above, you’ll see how inflation has impacted our cost of everyday items, like gas, coffee, and corn. (On the bright side, the cost of orange juice went down!)

If you’re interested, this type of data visualization is similar to a bar chart race, which is a dynamic bar chart shown over a period of time. If you want to…